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Born in New Iberia, Louisiana, Tressie Jordan is a mixed-media artist who loves to dabble in all types of art. After her mother taught her how to sew as a child, she started making dolls at age 6. After working for an Italian silk company, her love for textiles began. She is very passionate about everything vintage and handmade and appreciates work that takes many hours to create. Through out the years, she has collected all types of textiles and incorporates them into her dolls. The dolls are also made with vintage brooches and jewelry that she has collected through her travels. These vintage jewelry pieces and luxury textiles make her good juju dolls one-of-a-kind. She hand-writes quirky stories for each doll which bring each one to life. Most of her inspiration comes from her travels and interests in other cultures. Recently, her work has recently been featured on influential artist, Sue Kreitzman's instagram (@suekreitzman).


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