"Cottage" Framed 12X16

"Cottage" Framed 12X16

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"Cottage" by New Orleans artist, Patrick Sart.

12x16 Acrylic on Canvas. Framed to 14x18.

Patrick Sart is well known in the International art circles as a native from sunny California he graduated fromUCLA in 1974. Patrick was featured in several Gallery group shows. In 1976 he was presented in his first group shows at the California Newport Museum of Art. In 1987 Patrick had been traveling aboard in Germany when he had his first solo exhibition in Europe at the Atlanta Gallery in Hamburg. Patrick was chosen to take part in an exhibition by the Ministry Of Cultural Affairs in East Berlin.

Returning America he was featured by MOBO Art Gallery In Santa Monica, California in three back to back shows that were all related to social realism:

Orientails: 1908', Painting and wall relief.

"Alan Hotel' series which showcased Shields social realism.

Closing with Colionia Norie', where, Sart was a participant of a Mexican parade and protest.

Patrick returned to Europe where he resided in Paris until 1992. working diligently as ever, his art and video work was shown by Galerie Maeght. Returning to America, Patrick was honored by the late Arnold Ashkenazy created the first suite to be named after the artist Patrick Shields at the Mondrian Hotel.

Today Sart resides in an Ivy covered 19th century cottage and captures the history of his muse in all of her glory.....New Orleans. 

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