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"Boil 'Em Up" 24X24

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"Boil 'Em Up" 24X24 Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Here's a word from the from the artist, Cathy Cobb in her own words:

"My acrylic painting journey began in 2016 after a life altering diagnosis of lupus nephritis. I picked up some art supplies for the first time to occupy my time, and something inside me took off. Everyday experiences became abstracted as viewed from different angles throughout my initial adjustment and slow recovery. Uncertainty and hope were daily companions. Painting helps me explore and express these emotions safely and fully. A forced slower pace has given me an even greater appreciation for daily blessings, a consistent artistic theme. I saw that area holds great healing power, and this gave me courage to paint and fail, learn and grow. I learned technical skills watching YouTube while jazzed up on steroids, started entering shows, and walked through the doors that started opening. My artwork helps me focus every day on the joy of now and the hope of the future. My brushstrokes, glazes, and color palettes are used to convey these emotions and a deeper reflection on gratitude for the gift of today. I have become involved in community art projects such as murals. Painting has opened up an exciting new chapter in my life that, despite my condition, makes me feel strong and excited about tomorrow. I love sharing my gratitude for the beauty around me through my art."

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